Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict Management Coaches assist individuals explore the dynamics that contribute to conflict and its escalation.  Greater clarity into one's own perspective and insight into impacts on the other party, enable individuals to generate and assess options for managing conflict. 

Conflict Management Coaching assists individuals to make informed choices and avoids the risks associated with joint meetings before addressing some of the 'heat' associated with conflict.

Conflict Management Coaching can transform challenging workplace experiences, by cultivating fresh insights, new skills and conflict management capabilities. 

Conflict Management Coaching is well suited to early interventions and escalated conflicts.   Conflict Management Coaching is beneficial to individuals, teams and managers.

Conflict-Related Training

CLE Consulting Australia fosters conflict management capability through insight-building and practical, skills-based training programs, tailored to your unique organisational needs.

Our programs build the conflict management capabilities of:

  • HR practitioners
  • Specialist ADR practitioners, psychologists and counsellors
  • Executive, managers and team leaders
  • Customer service and frontline employees

CLE's areas of expertise include:

  • dynamic team communication
  • conflict management for leaders, managers and teams
  • wise use of power and rank in the workplace
  • bullying and harassment prevention and management
  • complaint investigation and management
  • engaging diversity and addressing the dynamics of marginalisation
  • workstyle preferences: DiSC and TMS models
  • management of workplace change and conflict
  • conflict leadership
  • conflict coaching

Our programs frequently incorporate an Action Learning component supporting program participants in the application and development of their skill to address workplace conflicts.

CLE offers 360 degree conflict profiling and feedback tools, such as the Conflict Dynamics Profile


CINERGY® Conflict Coaching Training

We offer three programs in which participants learn how to apply powerful and empathic questions to assist others achieve insight, evaluate their options and make their own decisions about how to handle specific conflicts or their typical reactions to conflict. 

These programs are tailored to the needs of

  • HR advisors and ADR professionals
  • leaders and line managers
  • legal practitioners

Facilitation - Challenging Conversations

The CLE team offers a range of facilitation services to support organisations and individuals engage in difficult conversations or decision-making.  On occasions we work with organisations to develop  their own organisational models for ensuring healthy conversations.

CLE Conflict Coaches work one-on-one with managers and staff to prepare for challenging conversations.


Our highly experienced mediators assist conflicting parties to discuss their need and intersts in a dispute, engage in problem solving and develop mutual agreements. 

We place a strong emphasis on thorough assessment and preparation as pre-requisites to effective mediation, understanding that what is said in the heat of the moment is not easily forgotten. 

Our goal, wherever possible is to rebuild resilient working relationships through the mediation process.  CLE incorporates post-mediation follow-up to ensure sustainable outcomes.


In complex matters, the options realistically available to conflicting parties can be impacted by legislation, organisational policy, industrial guidelines and other protocols.  A conciliated approach may therefore be indicated. 

The independent conciliator offers expert guidance and supports conflicting parties to explore and develop a strategy for addressing their concerns.


Many workplace conflicts affect whole teams or multiple stakeholders. Adopting a systemic view can be invaluable for understanding and alleviating both the obvious and intangible impacts of conflict with teams and organisations.

Workplace conferencing brings together those involved in or affected by a dispute.  The structured conferencing process enables parties to examine an issue or event from multiple perspectives. Once insight and mutual understanding is achieved, conference participants work with their facilitator to develop a mutually agreed plan for moving forward.

Team Building

CLE Consulting Australia designs and runs customised team building solutions to address team tensions and underlying conflicts.  

Our success in team facilitation is due to our sensitive exploration of team dynamics and finely honed diagnostic skills.  

Our individually crafted programs build the confidence, shared understandings and trust necessary for teams to capitalise on their diversity, manage workplace pressures and resolve differences.

A team building strategy may be introduced as a pro-active team strengthening initiative, when strain and potential for conflict are identified or when disputes exist

Specialist Health-related Conflict Management Services

Without effective early intervention conflict contributes to medical and psychological conditions such as anxiety, poor anger management or depression.  It is common for unmanaged workplace conflicts to contribute to worker's compensation claims.

Our team draw on their expertise in the workplace rehabilitation field to assist in the management of conflicts associated with workplace injury.

We assist employers to map and understand the systemic links between organisational conflict and workplace injuries

Integrated Conflict Management System Design

CLE Consulting Australia works with organisations to develop strategic Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) suited to their unique circumstances and needs.  We assist our clients to map the continuum of approaches-  from prevention and early intervention, through to rights-based or formal interventions - which comprise an ICMS framework.

Managing organisational conflict more effectively is in itself a cultural change process. We facilitate the engagement of key stakeholders in strategic conversations to build shared vision, understanding, ownership and a solution-oriented focus.

CLE can assist with the development of promotional strategies tailored to the diverse needs of internal stakeholders.