Conflict Coach Practitioner Training

Participants in this course will be trained as conflict coaches. Conflict Coaching is a unique dispute resolution process and a specialised niche in the field of coaching. 

Conflict coaches assist people to effectively address specific interpersonal disputes and to cultivate their conflict management capability.

Conflict coaching has a wide application, not only in the organisational context, but also for coaching individuals to participate in mediation, negotiation and complaint resolution. Conflict coaches also work with managers responsible for managing conflicts in their workplaces.

The Leader As Coach: Taking A Coaching Approach To Workplace Issues

This two-day program introduces managers to the CINERGY® Coaching approach as a way of enhancing their staff development and management skills. 

Leaders participating in this program report these skills have transformed the way they engage with staff and others to address challenging issues in the workplace.

Collaborative Family Law Coaching *New*

The Collaborative Family Law Coaching workshop is a two day training program.

Collaborative law is a dispute resolution model, in which each party hires a specially-trained lawyer to collaborate in the resolution of the issues in dispute. In collaborative family law, the parties are the separated or divorcing couple who want to settle the range of matters with respect to the ending of their relationship. In this process, all participants agree to work jointly, in good faith and to make their best efforts to find “win-win” solutions that respect and acknowledge the needs of both parties. No one may go to court as long as the parties are attempting to settle matters. However, considerable skill can be involved in supporting parties to maintain a focus on collaboration given the high emotion and often significant stakes involved. Collaborative Family Law Coaching (CFLC) workshops teach coaching skills to lawyers and their associates to help prepare their clients to actively participate in 4-way negotiation meetings that their collaborative lawyers conduct together. The CFLC process that CINERGY® Coaching developed also helps lawyers and legal professionals be better prepared to address interactions with their clients and the other counsels’ clients.