Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is an exciting new innovation in the management of workplace conflict.

Conflict Coaches support early resolution or management of conflict and restoration of working relationships.

Conflict Coaching can be applied to specific disputes, internal conflicts or more general patterns of dealing with conflict.

Conflict Coaches work with individuals to:

  • Clarify and achieve their conflict management goals
  • Develop insight into the dynamics of their conflict
  • Understand the perspective of all parties
  • Explore options and make informed choices
  • Develop the practical skills to effectively implement conflict strategies
  • Reduce the human and organisational costs of conflict

CINERGY® Conflict Coaching develops organisational capability whilst addressing workplace conflicts, without the need to escalate conflicts to the level of a dispute.


For Individuals

Conflict Coaching helps people get off the 'Not-So-Merry Go Round' of conflict.

Dealing with workplace conflict can be a challenging and stressful experience.   Individuals usually appreciate the opportunity to examine their conflict with an experienced professional who can help them make informed choices.
Conflict Coaches support individuals to:
  • Focus on the outcomes they hope to achieve
  • Explore conflict triggers and dynamics
  • Consider the perspective of all parties
  • Achieve new insights
  • Think through their options
  • Decide the best course of action
  • Prepare for challenging conversations
  • Build essential skills for success


Conflict Coaching allows individuals to access support and develop strategies for addressing workplace conflict without necessarily getting involved in formal grievances or escalating disputes.  It puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to managing your own conflicts.


For Managers

Managers are on the front line when it comes to  workplace conflict.  Not only are you expected to manage your own conflicts with skill and precision - you must recognise early warning signs and assist others to manage theirs.  Research indicates 30 - 50% of a manager's time is committed to averting and addressing conflict.

Avoiding or becoming reactive in conflict situations is costly for managers.  It inevitably leads to conflict escalation, formal grievances, worker's compensation claims or diminished productivity and morale.  Lack of confidence and poorly developed conflict management skills are often to blame.

Conflict Management Coaching assists managers to think through emerging and/or escalated conflicts in their workplaces.  Conflict coaches assist managers to gain insight into the unique perspectives of all parties, including their own and the organisation's interests.  Undertaking a thorough risk assessment of all options equips managers to anticipate the play, make wise choices and engage their employees and peers skilfully.  

Conflict Management Coaching is applicable to conflicts within your immediate team, with your own manager or colleagues.

CLE Consulting Australia offers the LEADER AS COACH training program for leaders and managers interested in applying the powerful questions that underpin conflict coaching in team building, staff development, performance management and organisational change contexts.


For HR and ADR Professionals

This dynamic approach to conflict management integrates the burgeoning fields of coaching and alternative dispute resolution, supporting individuals to develop insight and practical skills for managing conflict.

Conflict coaching has proven invaluable in:

  • Fostering ownership and responsibility for outcomes
  • Preparing for challenging conversations
  • Developing the conflict capabilities of managers and supervisors
  • Early intervention and return to work following conflict-related psychological injury claims


Conflict Coaching enables individuals to confidentially access support, explore their concerns and develop strategies to reduce the likelihood of conflict escalation.  

Conflict Coaching has unique early intervention applications.  For instance, when employees are reluctant to openly identify conflict or it is inadvisable to bring parties together. It enhances the success of traditional ADR methods such as mediation.

Conflict Coaching may be provided by an external provider such as CLE or provided in-house by HR personnel.  

CLE Consulting Australia trains conflict coaches and provides supervision and ongoing skill development for organisations wishing to form an in-house specialist or peer coaching network.