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CLE Consulting Australia's multi-disciplinary team combines the expertise of organisational development, learning and development,  alternative dispute resolution, psychology and psychotherapy, OH&S and legal professionals. 

The breadth and depth of our team's experience enables a flexible fit between the unique demands of each conflict and the conflict practitioner’s expertise and skill. 

We offer specialist knowledge in managing workplace conflicts related to workplace diversity, bullying and harassment, performance management and feedback, organisational change and workplace stress and trauma.


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Rho Sandberg

Image of Rho Sandberg

M.Org Change & Conflict Facilitation, M.Cog.Sc. B.App.Sc. Dip.Couns.

CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach and Coaching Training
Conflict Facilitation, Mediation
Bullying, Harrassment and Discrimination Interventions
Leadership and Management Development

Rho advocates conflict leadership and works with organisations to adopt a strategic approach to the management of organisational conflict, through the development of Integrated Conflict Management Systems.

Rho holds a Masters in Organisational Change and Conflict Facilitation (PWI, USA). She has a keen interest in the relationship between organisational culture and patterns of workplace conflict.

Rho's understanding of the influences of power, diversity and marginalisation bring new insights into bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Rho is an experienced mediator, conciliator and team conflict facilitator. She trains CINERGY® conflict coaches, builds the conflict management capabilities of leaders, managers and teams and has lectured in conflict management in postgraduate management and undergraduate HR programs.

Rho has a background in workplace rehabilitation and occupational stress management and applies ADR methods to support injury prevention and early return to work. She is experienced in addressing conflicts associated with workplace trauma, critical incidents and diversity-related issues.

Rho lives and works in Australia and France. 

Julie Walker

Image of Julie Walker

B.A, B.ScWk, M.Ed (T&D), LEADR (acc), MAASW (acc)

Conflict Management Coaching and Mediation Training
Conflict Management and Executive Coaching
Team Facilitation
Development of Integrated Conflict Management Systems

For the past 22 years Julie has worked as a conflict management consultant, as a practitioner and trainer in developing conflict management capabilities in ADR practitioners and staff at all levels in a wide range of organisations.

Julie was selected as the first Australian to be accredited as a trainer in CINERGY method of conflict management coaching and has since facilitated hundreds of people throughout Australia to develop their coaching skills. She also has a record of providing excellent conflict management services to individuals, teams, and assisting managers to build the confidence, performance and change more effectively.

Julie has been accredited as a mediator in both Australia and Papua New Guinea and has significant experience in providing mediation services and training in crosscultural situations.

Tom Stodulka

Image of Tom Stodulka

LLB, Dip Strat Studies, Grad Cert Mediation

Policy Development
Mediation & Conferencing
Independent Investigations

Tom Stodulka has worked as a lawyer and conflict management specialist nationally for 30 years and held senior government positions in Canberra and the Northern Territory, including Deputy Ombudsman and Anti-discrimination commissioner N.T. He has conducted over 2000 mediations and conciliations and is a qualified conflict conference facilitator. He is an advanced mediator and mentor for LEADR, and is accredited with IAMA, State and Federal Courts, the Queensland Law Society, the Defence Department and the Queensland Justice Department. He is a member of the Qld Law Society ADR Advisory Committee and the Defence Force Legal Reserve. He coaches in ADR for UQ, LEADR and Bond University and has written articles for ADR Journals. Tom has experience working with culturally diverse organisations and communities.

Mohammad Alarja

Image of Mohammad Alarja

International Consultant
MA Conflict Facilitation and Change, BS. Management and Entrepreneurship

Change Management 

Palestinian— Mohammad Alarja is a conflict facilitator. His original training encompasses; management, entrepreneurship, and accounting. Mohammad has worked in many sectors in Palestine; including the local government as an accountant, general assistant, organizer and entrepreneur. He developed a program for women empowerment and farmers for over six years.

In 2001, Mohammad lost a close cousin, classmates and friends in the second Intifada. Tragedy inspired him to join an organization called "Breaking The Ice". Here he was involved with a film project aimed to engage the young generation to jointly build a world in which differences lead to progress instead of violence; a world that embraces cooperation, trust and mutual respect; a world in which its people reach out to one another.

Mohammad pursued a Masters in Process Oriented Psychology in the U.S.A.. He continues to work with peace organizations worldwide promoting the values of peace and equality. He is most passionate about bringing the conflicted parts together to work it out instead of fighting each other.

Miguel Ángel Vazquez del Mercado

Image of Miguel Ángel Vazquez del Mercado

International Consultant
MA (Conflict Facilitation and Change), BA (Marketing)



Como consultor y coach, Miguel Angel apoya a los líderes y sus equipos a que logren apreciar y reconocer la diversidad de perspectivas, experiencias y diferentes formas de ver el mundo en las organizaciones, como una fuente de creatividad y de riqueza. Acompaña a sus clientes a transformar situaciones de conflicto, a través de la exploración e integración de información importante que fomente el desarrollo de los mismos. El cree en los conflictos como situaciones que nos muestran potencial no descubierto que está esperando a ser explotado por los individuos, equipos y organizaciones.

Tiene una Maestría en Facilitación de Conflictos. Cuenta con experiencia en facilitación de conflictos de alta intensidad, a los que aporta su entendimiento claro de la dinámica, el impacto del poder, rango y la diversidad cultural y la marginalización que sucede en situaciones de este tipo. Cuenta con la pericia para asistir a clientes a trabajar y manejar sus reacciones y frustraciones generadas durante situaciones de conflicto. Es altamente reconocido por su habilidad para encontrar ese ‘lugar de quietud y claridad’ en medio del conflictos y cambios organizacionales.

Miguel Angel ha trabajado con clientes organizacionales de diferentes industrias, así como diferentes sectores sociales como: manufactura, comercial, cervecera, ONG’s. Su trabajo está basado en el paradigma de psicología orientada al proceso.


As a consultant and coach, Miguel Angel encourages leaders and their staff to appreciate the diversity of perspectives, experiences and worldviews in the workplace as a source of creativity and enrichment.

He assists clients to transform conflict by tapping into and integrating new and important information that fosters growth. He regards conflict as untapped potential waiting to be exploited by the individuals, teams and organisations.

He holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Facilitation. He is experienced in facilitating large-scale conflicts, and brings an acute understanding of the impact of power, rank and cultural diversity and marginalization in conflict situations. Miguel skillfully assists clients to work with and manage their reactions and frustrations in conflict situations. He is highly respected for his ability to find the ‘still place of clarity’ in the midst of conflict and organizational change.

Miguel Angel has worked with corporate clients from divers industry, and social sectors, such as: manufacture, commercial, brewing, NGO’s. His work is supported on the in the paradigm of process-oriented psychology.

John Mulligan

Image of John Mulligan

International Consultant
M.A. Hum. Psych.; MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change; Certified mediator; Certified Conflict Coach

John Mulligan is based in Roundwood, County Wicklow and specializes in working with conflict, leadership, team and organizational development.


John is a certified, conflict coach(Cinergy™), mediator(MII), facilitator and consultant and has specialized in workplace conflict resolution, transformation and peace building in a variety of settings for the past 20 years. Formerly, as Director of the Human Potential Research Group at the University of Surrey, U.K., he established and ran their MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategy. He established Breakthrough Consultancy in 1995. He is a Fellow of the Irish Institute for Training and Development, holds a Masters Degrees in Psychology and Conflict Facilitation.

John has worked extensively with private and public sector organisations and companies and has mediated consulted and provided facilitation and training in conflict work for public and private sector organizations including banking, insurance and pharmaceuticals in the UK and Ireland. Client list include Barclays Bank, Glaxo Smith Kline, Aon Insurance, the Health Service Executive and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education UK. He has worked with conflict across diverse cultures in Israel/ Palestine, India, South Africa as well as Ireland UK and the USA.